There are many design options for home furnishings that can be as individual as you are. We will show you the most important furnishing styles – a good basis for finding out which one suits you best and what type of home you are.

Shabby Chic: Used-look furnishings

The living style Shabby Chic is characterised by the combination of old and new. It combines aging furniture with modern accessories. New pieces of furniture should also look older due to natural or artificially produced traces of use.

Minimalism and Simplicity: Concentrating on the Essential

The minimalist furnishing style is characterised by simple shapes and clear colours. The interior design is structured and tidy, without playful elements. The focus of the elements used is on functionality.

Scandinavian Look: Nordic flair in the home

Naturalness plays an important role in the Scandinavian furnishing style. A lot of wood is therefore used as the material. Spruce, birch and pine are popular. Bright colours and balanced lighting are also important. The furnishings are simple and functional, the interior design straightforward and clear.

Asian furnishing style: exotic and attractive

Exotic influences from all over the Far East unite in the Asian furnishing style. Either you choose the style of living of a certain country or you combine different living ideas with each other. Similarities can be seen in the natural materials: The main types of wood are mango, sandalwood and elm. The colour scheme varies from country to country. In Japan, the focus is on delicate pastel shades, in China yellow dominates and in India you will discover many bright colours.

Feng Shui: Fundamentals of the Teaching of Influence and Harmony

Feng Shui is about bringing people into harmony with their surroundings. This is done through a special living space design. The five central elements of Feng Shui are wood, fire, water, earth and metal. The colours and materials used are based on these. Colours of the element wood are for example brown and green, material is wood or bamboo. In fire, red and orange tones are combined with candles or lamps. Each room in your home can be assigned to an element. For example, wood is suitable for offices because it stands for courage and self-confidence. The element of water is used sensibly in the bathroom.

Retro style: the charm of a bygone era

The retro furnishing style is based on the aesthetic ideas of the 50s and 60s. Typical elements are organic forms, bright colours and unusual materials. The variety of retro furniture and decoration is great. What is decisive is that the furniture fulfils its purpose despite its unusual design.

Maritime furnishing: Ocean feeling at home

You can recognise the maritime furnishing style particularly well by the colour design: blue and white are characteristic of this style of living, red is also frequently used in the design of living spaces with a maritime look. The colours are predominantly combined in striped patterns, such as lighthouse decorations or blue-and-white striped cushions. Suitable materials for maritime home design are wood, linen and rattan. The style can also be combined well with Shabby Chic.

Industrial Look: Stylish industrial design

Naked stones, raw concrete, rusty metal and wood – a home furnishing in an industrial look makes rooms look like an imperfect factory hall. The dominant colours of the industrial living trend are black, grey and white. This style of living requires little functional furniture; preferred materials are wood, concrete and various types of metal. The industrial style is raw, rough and rustic.

Pop-Art: Brings color into your life

Probably the most gaudy and colourful furnishing style is called Pop Art. With a mixture of colourful designs and eye-catching motifs, Pop Art creates a good mood and joie de vivre. The style that emerged in the 1950s mainly deals with realistic elements and thus stands in contrast to abstract art. Living rooms in Pop Art are furnished with furniture classics from the 60s, strong colours and lively pictures.

Other furnishing styles

In addition to the above, there are, of course, many other furnishing styles. In the following we give you a small overview:

Country house style

The country house style focuses on cosiness. Wooden or rattan furniture and fabrics such as cotton or linen spread relaxation, cosiness and a sense of home. They often work with muted colours such as brown and beige, combined with pastel colours and white.

Oriental style of living

The oriental interior design is characterised by bright and strong colours as well as unusual patterns and decorations. Many textiles such as carpets (kelims), seat cushions or poufs are used.

Colonial style

This style of living comes from the former European colonies, for example in America. Typical elements are precious and tropical woods, which are stained dark. Bamboo, wickerwork or sisal create an exotic ambience.

French style

French interior design is modern, stylish and romantic. Welcome colours are light berry and pastel shades. Lavender is particularly popular – both as a colour and as a fragrance. Furniture often has a vintage look and curved shapes.

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