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Vinyl Record Player – Cultural Beauty And The Future Of Music

Today, enjoying a song is so easy with the help of the modern device. The reason is because of the development of portable digital devices such as smartphones, CD players… they are quite cheap and easy to find almost anywhere. But have you ever thought that the music you listen to is not the best in quality and sound production? And have you ever thought about making use of a device from hundreds of year ago with outstanding sound producing that goes through the limit of time to upgrade your music enjoyment?

You may have heard about record player, but it might be the first time you listen to a song from a good record player. It would change your idea about music listening at once. Now to know more about this music device, let’s roll back time and come to the history of the first models of record players.

Vinyl record player

History of Record Players

People started recording sounds from 1796 with the invention of Antoine Favre – a watch producer. He came out with the idea of a device that could play the music automatically without having to change the musical instruments or something else. It was called Musical Box.

It was literally an automatically music playing device and it couldn’t record any sounds. Therefore, if people wanted to create any sound signal, in reality, they had to invent another device that can record those sounds first.

The recording sessions started with the invention of Edison in 1877 by wrapping a thin leaf around a cylinder and used a needle that can move along the vibration of sounds to create drains with different depths on the tin leaf.

In 1887, an American inventor Emile Berliner invented a device that could record the vibrations of sound on zinc discs instead of cylinders. The device created drains on the surface of the disc and marked the first appearance of the record player.

According to Edison’s recording theory, in the late 90s, some manufacturers created many types of former record players with simple mechanisms and a big tuba on top made of bronze. Since then, the record player has been developing till today.

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If you want to classify the record players according to the movement of the base, there are two types: belt drive and direct drive. With the belt drive models, the belt is used to transfer the spinning force to the base. On the other hand, direct drive models use direct force underneath the base to make it a spin.

The default speed of the spinning base is 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM because it is the most common speed for vinyl records today. Besides, the speed can be adjusted easily by changing the length of the belt. So as to check the precise speed of the record player when listening to music, the outer edge of spinning base often has drains which are used to check the spinning speed by light.

The record player is made from various components. The most important one is the cartridge which is used to play records by running the diamond tip over the surface of the vinyl records. Next, we have the record player spinning base with the motor, spinning base, belt and other additional features such as output plug or USB ports.

Record Player and Culture

Actually, record players have been using since they were invented with so many purposes. Some use them to listen to music; some buy them as parts of their collection while others use the record players as a decoration for their rooms. In fact, one of the most important things that make people  is the sound quality it provides to our today’s music industry.

When you listen to music from digital devices, the signal would be cut off a little bit or a lot according to the size of the file. That means you will suffer from a lost in music quality from each and every song you listen to through your smartphone or iPod. On another hand, if the songs are recorded using black vinyl records and played by record players or turntables, the quality would be 100%.

In fact, some songs would perform even better with the help of vinyl record player. When listening to Jazz or Blue album, you need both atmosphere and sound quality to enhance the power of music to your heart and so. And luckily, the record player can provide both of them to you. That’s the reason why people keep manufacturing old and vintage albums and the songs are still great though hundreds of year have passed.

In some countries, vinyl record collections and record player are considered the best way of music enjoyment. In fact, people can see how popular this device is in house dinner party since it can bring the whole gentle and luxury atmosphere for the whole room with some slow and harmonic pieces of music.

Record player orchestra

Recording a decent quality vinyl record is very hard. Therefore, some really old records with limited quantity are being hunted by collectors all around the world. Some records can achieve really high price if they can maintain their quality when played.

Not only elder generations are interested in vinyl records and players but also young generations who are making use of electronic devices to create different types of music genre. Today, with the development of the turntables – a better version of record players, DJs, and music producers can be more flexible in composing and mixing tracks with the help of vinyl records. They can provide a favorable condition for music makers to make better quality sounds and records as well as better techniques like skipping, scratching or sketching.

What about you? Have you ever used the record player once? How do you think about this music player device and do you really want to own one for yourself? That would be so great if you start to love this type of music device. Share your thoughts and let me know if you want to find out more about record players!

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