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Music Gears And What To Know

Music is not all about lyrics and notes; it’s also about instruments that are used to produces amazing sounds and beats. Music gear consists of a wide range of musical instrument as well as additional equipment. You can choose from hundreds of musical instrument types to see what the best for you to play is. In fact, there are so many categories of music gear that matches some certain types of music genre. They are classified according to their usage or the basic mechanisms. That’s the reason why there are so many types of gear on market today. Each one has its own sound and way to play.

Basically, we can divide all of them into two main parts: acoustic and electronic music gear. Acoustic music gears are instruments that don’t need any types of external electrical helps to produce sounds. Apart from them, instruments that use electrical assistances are put in electronic gear class.

Music gears

In this article, we will have a closer look at both of these types and see how well they are classified and what is the main purpose of selecting the right kind of musical instrument for you. Moreover, we will also name some additional musical equipment that is being used in studios as the basic requirements for producers and musicians.

Acoustic Music Gear

When mentioning acoustic music gear, we often think of original versions of instruments and equipment. They don’t need any help from external electrical devices to produce sounds. To know more about this type of music gear, we can name some of the most common names in this type such as guitar, acoustic drums, flute, and violin. Remember that a type of musical instrument can have both versions of acoustic and electronic, so don’t be surprised if you can see some electronic versions of music gears that are well – known for their acoustic version.

Acoustic Guitar

However, there is an interesting thing that we can do with acoustic music gear is that they can be modified easily, especially when combining with electrical devices. For example, if you have an acoustic or a classical guitar and you are going to perform on the stage of an exhibition, you can bring your own guitar and add an amplifier to strengthen the sound of your instrument. The sound would be loud enough to make sure everyone in the room can hear your songs. It’s an advantage of the acoustic music gear that can’t be done by using electronic music gear. It means without electricity, you can play acoustic instruments normally, but with electronic music gear, there’s nothing you can do to make them produce sounds.

However, don’t ever think that an acoustic guitar with a pickup can be played as an electric one. It is impossible though how expensive your amplifier could be and how skillful you are. The pick – ups are just additional devices used to amplify the loudness of the sounds. It can’t be used to change the original tones and affects you make with your instruments. Though the playing style is the same, the guitar skills are the same, you will never produce the same sounds when playing acoustic music gear in comparison with using an electrical one. That’s the difference between acoustic and electronic.

On the other hand, using acoustic music gear also has disadvantages. Adding additional devices such as pick – ups may harm your instruments since these things acquire you to change the formal designs of your instruments. For example, if you want to add amplifiers or an EQ to your guitar, the most important thing is how to drill and cut the wood perfectly or else the sounds would not be the same anymore. So people often use acoustic gears as for how they are made and avoid adding too many devices on them.

Electronic music gear

This is one of the most important categories that you have to concern about. Playing electronic music gears is a different world since the techniques and the play styles are a lot different. You can’t play them without plugging them into any source of electricity. To name a few common instruments, we have an electric guitar, octapad, drum pad and others…  This category includes more than 10 subcategories based on the usage and the effects of the devices.

Electronic music gear includes other types of additional equipment such as pedals, microphones, and amplifiers. Unlike acoustic music gear, there is no electronic gear can be used to play unplugged. They use the mechanisms of transmitting vibrations to electrical signals, so if there is no electricity, there would be no signal at all. That’s the reason why you have to make sure that the electricity is guaranteed on stage for the performances.


There are many important parts in an electronic music gear, but above all, the quality of them is decided by the amplifiers and the microphones. They enhance not only the loudness but also quality of output sounds. To produce clean and loud music, the sounds from the input steps must be good, that’s why we have to prepare the best microphones.

Another thing that shouldn’t forget to mention is the processor. It is very small and is put inside the system of most of the electronic musical instrument. You have to use the processor to create and change the effects. This unique feature can’t be seen in any types of acoustic music gear.


As you can see, each type of music gear is good for some certain types of music. That’s the reason why musical instruments have become an important part of music industry’s development. In fact, good equipment brings a new wave of creativity and inspiration to players and producers to produce more unbelievable masterpieces. Choosing and practicing the right kind of musical instrument no matter what type it is can help you to accumulate more experience in feeling and rhythms as well as performing songs. If you have any questions or want to look for the right musical instrument for your own, please go to my website, don’t be shy if you don’t know anything about music. We are here to help you with that!

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