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Music and Culture

Music Enjoyment In Today’s Society

Alongside with the flow of time, the music world has turned to many different ways and experienced through many ups and downs. With it, the way people enjoy music has changed significantly with the appearance of new trends in music enjoyment. In this post, we will find out some changes in music enjoyment in the world recently!

Young Generation Music Is The Mainstream On The Market Nowadays

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Young generation music is one of the most popular types of music in countries today. This music genre attracts audiences because of its lively melodies and energetic tune these songs bring to our lives. This is suitable for the world full of young people like the one we are living. The music we listen to and share for others like Pop, Ballad, R&B and Hip hop have a positive impact on our everyday life. They take effect on our mood and change our view to the world. However, a part of this music doesn’t live for the main purpose. The songs are written to be hits without the depth that an art really needs. It’s all because of money and revenue. Producers don’t really care about artistry in their products. They just want to make lots of money and this affects badly to the way young people listen to music.

In addition, since the market spreads with the help of the Internet, these types of “unhealthy” music have more ways to reach to the audience – teenagers, who don’t really care about what they are listening to. They become online hits and easily being performed on stages since their popularity among a large number of audiences. With easy – to – sing lyrics combining with some dance moves, they are called “music products” which help the producers become famous very quickly.

Music With The Invasion Of Other Cultures

Music and cultures have bonding connection. We can’t mention the culture of a country without mentioning about the music and other types of art. That’s the reason why when another culture comes into a country, we have to put all the advantages and disadvantages into consideration. With the help of arts such as film, fashion, and music, people know more about cultural beauty as well as the way people of other countries traditionally do in occasions. That’s the normal absorption in every country.

Music with culture

With the high frequency of music and fashion channels online, people are having more chances to contact with other countries’ culture and are being affected by the way people of that country behave traditionally. They started to mimic unconditionally in everyday habits including the way they listen to music and the music they feel good.

Normally, cultural absorption is undeniable and should be encouraged to provoke the imagination of young generations since they are having more opportunities to know more and broaden their horizons. Listening to the songs of a different country, we can have a newer and fresher look about the beauty of music as well as a new and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, knowing more about music means that professionals can use these materials to enrich the culture of their own country through new composers with a higher level of music combining between two cultures. However, songs and arts from other cultures might bring some risks as well since young people don’t know how to make those songs to be their own. Music cultural absorption must go with the selection so as not to be copies or mirror images.

The Loss Of Traditional Music

With the development and trending of young generation music like we are having today, there is a really considerate problem about the loss of traditional music and arts. Will they be lost within the timeline and can’t be recovered? Can traditional music survive the music trends and cultural invasion that are coming even stronger each day? How can we protect this type of national treasure?

British traditional music

The answer is clear: though there are ups and downs as well as many difficulties in conserving and promoting traditional music as a type of national treasure, we have to keep these cultural value alive as much as possible since they are one of the best art materials that can’t be found anywhere in the world. Losing any part of it means a part of our country is lost.

The mission of preserving and developing traditional art such as painting or music is not only for professionals but also one of the main tasks of young generations, especially young artists. They might not know these values yet and don’t make use of them regularly, but when the time comes, nothing can compare to these traditional value.

For example, in Mexico, people don’t listen to traditional music usually then they did before, but they still want to save the best memories and the best songs for the future since these songs are a part of the history of Mexico. Or in China, since there are so many ethnic minorities and each one has their own beauty in dances and music, all of them must be preserved no matter how hard that work could be.

Actually, though the music trends are on the go daily, traditional music still has its own life and can surely withstand the effects of multi – culture and other factors. The problem is about the recognition of young people and how to make them know and love these types of music, not just young and wild music they are listening one a daily basis.

So as you can see, music enjoyment is not an easy thing to put into consideration, especially in a new century – the world of information and Internet. Music can be such a good method to bring something good and new from a culture to another, but it can also destroy a part of traditional value easily. That’s the reason why we should dig deeper into this field of study and see the connection between music and culture so as to make more value from it.

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