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History Of Rock And Roll – Basic Knowledge You Should Know

Rock is a popular music genre which has gained popularity among people in 1960s and afterward, especially in the UK and the USA. The rhythms and lyrics as well as the play styles were based on 1940 and 1950 Rock n’ Roll and also the instruments and beats of the country and blue tracks. Being heavily influenced by country rhythms, rock also pulled some genres with it such as jazz, classical and other sources of music.

History of Rock

In musical instruments, rock focuses mainly on using electrical music gear such as electric guitar, drums and other types of electronic musical instruments. The guitar is the most important part in a band and most of the rock songs. Besides, bass guitar and drum are vital as well. Basically, rock is the combination of 4/4 rhythm with some types of chorus structure.

History of Rock

However, this music genre has developed more than people can imagine. There are so many trends, styles, and modifications of Rock to satisfy the demands of Rock lovers. Similar to pop music, lyrics of Rock songs are often about daily themes such as love, life, and romance. As well as those topics, some track simply on society and politics. The domination of White Rock and male singers is considered another important factor to form the topic discovery in this kind of music. Rock is seen as a higher level in making music and live performing, which is more reality than other genres such as Pop or Jazz.

In the late 1960s, a large number of individual Rock bands appeared including Blues Rock, Folk Rock and other fusions between Rock and plenty types of music. Psychedelic Rock appeared as well with the influence of the rising trend in using drugs and rely on them to seek the illusions. Other types of Rock has formed in this period of time also. To name a few, we have Progressive Rock (which leads to more cultural factors), Glam Rock (focuses on pictures and imaginations), and especially Heavy Metal (which is all about power, speed, and weight).

In the late of 1970s, Punk Rock developed strongly and had some moves that went against the current waves which are displayed in songs that criticize the life, the government, and other society factors. Punk still affirmed its position until the 1980s and split into several sub-genres such as New Wave, Post Punk and finally Alternative Rock.

Famous Rock stars

First appeared in 1990, Alternative Rock quickly dominate the Rock world and flew into mainstream music with some styles for example Grunge, Britpop, Indie Rock. The combination of these styles with mainstream music created, even more, styles than ever. You might have heard about songs written in Punk Pop, Rap Rock or Rap Metal. This can be counted as the evolution of Rock in the new century.

Rock also represents and plays an important part as a means of communication and a way for people to spread new waves of culture to the society such as MODs and Rocker in the UK, a hippie from San Francisco, the USA in the 1960s. Similar to this, when Punk culture was born in 1970 with subcultures like Goth and Emo, Rock songs are used as an effective way to let the world know about the existence of these cultures. Rock is always the way for people to say their language about social problems.

Features of Rock

The sound of traditional Rock focuses mainly on the electric guitar, which was the main instrument in the 1950s with the popularity of Rock n’ Roll. The sounds of electric guitar in Rock songs supported with the bass guitar led the trend in Jazz at the same age. The percussion used in Rock that time was mainly single drum. This triplet often went with other additional instruments such as the piano, organ, and a processor. A group of artist plays and sings Rock songs is called Rock band, which consists of 2 to 5 members. With classical Rock, there were often 4 members. Each member can play multiple types of instrument and the band often wrote and sang the songs of their own. A former band at that time included a singer, a guitarist, a bass guitarist and a drummer.

Rock Timeline

Rock songs are usually built on the base of simple 4/4 beat with bright bass in 2nd and 4th beat. The melodies were taken from Dorian and Mixolydian, both big and small system. Since the combination of Rock with other music genres and how it affects other music types to form new playing styles, professionals claimed that “we can’t define Rock as any particular definition since it is very flexible and can present in any kind of music”.

Unlike other popular types of music before, the lyrics of Rock consist of many different topics such as romantic love, riots, society problems, and lifestyles.  These topics are taken from various types of music genre like RnB, traditional music, and even Pop. Rock recognized the advantage of white people and male artists.

Since the first time this type of music was used, it is often called the opposite side of Pop since the songs are about music, rhythms, and melodies. The lyrics often simply on a high level of society problems with a clear mindset. According to specialists “Rock is something more than Pop, even more than Rock and Roll. Rock artists often attach importance to a combination of skills and techniques with the romantic definition of art such as emotion expression which is original and honest.” In the new century, Rock is sometimes used as a term that includes other forms such as Pop, Reggae, Soul and even Hip-hop. Rock artists are often affected by other music genres in their performs and compose just like the history of Rock.

To know more about Rock and how it affects the life of millions of people, don’t forget to listen to famous tracks and look for the information of well – known band, you will not only know it but understand it deeply.

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