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Guidelines To Survive In The Music World As A Musician

Getting a job nowadays is very difficult, even with talented people in any fields of work. It’s not simple at all to earn your living by relying on a full – time job with a low salary and being a musician is a job like that. That’s the reason why not many people choose to be a professional musician as their main occupation. You can play for fun, you can perform in some concerts, but that doesn’t mean you can make lots of cash with your skills and instruments. It’s so hard to survive in a harsh environment like the music industry.

If you want to make money as a musician, well, this is the article for you. This guide will help you to think of some possible solutions to pay your rent and buy foods just by making music. However, this doesn’t mean you can be a successful artist in no time. Everything needs time to develop and so do you. Right now, let’s get started and make the first dollars with your music.


How to Make Money as a Musician?

This is the most common question and you’ve heard and even asked yourself more than you can count. You might think of some possible ways to paddle your own canoe but it would be such a failure if you can’t make them real. That’s the reason why the best way is to combine all your ideas at once and give them a try. For example, here are some possible solutions for your rent and your groceries money:

  1. Live performing: This is one of the most obvious choices for a musician to make money with the instruments. You can perform anywhere, anytime so as to build up your recognition and the number of loyal fans. However, don’t ask for large fees from the first time since you are still someone that people don’t know yet. Be patient and you will earn more than you can imagine. Just follow the dreams and success will follow you. Even if you can just make it $15 in a show, your effort will be recognized and further attendance will gradually increase your earning.
  2. Music selling: Many people think this is not a good idea to sell your music too soon since you don’t have enough reputation to make people pay to listen to your tracks. However, the main purpose here is to raise the fame and pull the fans closer to you. The trick here is to make sure your music can get to the fans quickly without having to waste too much time. Your music must be spread first, maybe you can allow free downloads and receive no money from them, but once your music has claimed a position in the charts, it would be such a huge difference. Keep your price at a low rate so as to attract people to test your music and don’t forget to collect feedbacks. It’s the way you can have money and correct your style at the same time. Try to give out covers and mash – ups as much as possible since people will know about them faster and accept to buy them easier.

How to earn money?

  1. Merchandise: Selling related products is a good idea also. You don’t have to sell CD all the time. Sometimes just a T – Shirt or a badge can make your fans remember you more than a luxury ticket. Sell them at concerts and online. You won’t imagine how much you can earn with these small and convenient merchandise.
  2. Make money with social network channels: You can do as others such as making cover versions of hits, arrange solo tabs… anything that makes you famous and being recognized on the social The profit you are going to earn is not about money. It’s about reputation, a thing that’s more difficult to build in a short period of time. In fact, you should ask for permission before doing anything so as not to meet some troubles with other artists. On the other hand, talking to the owners of the songs can be a great way to expand your relationship as well.

More Ideas to Make Your Career Easier

In fact, you should apply some other methods to make your business more effectively. Earning more money is still the main purpose, but spreading your music and your style to the world should be counted as the second purpose as well. To achieve the best result, these are some suggestions you can have a look and apply sometimes.

  • Promote your music every day: Many good musicians can’t be famous since their music are not popular to people who are passionate in that music genre. So it you are a person who is seeking fame and real fans, promoting your music on a daily basis is a must do. Make sure your music is heard by lots of people. Of course, some will like and-and some don’t, but since they interact with your music, it is a chance to promote it further and receive more feedbacks and reviews to make your music better day by day.

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  • Sharpening your skills: Once you’ve decided to be a full – time musician, you’d better know deeply about your strengths and weaknesses so as to improve your competencies not only in music playing but also other skills such as composing, writing and performing. Learning other life skills such as promoting and marketing also help.

Being a full – time musician is not an easy task at all, but it’s not too hard if you are a talented one with a deep passion. You should also connect with others who share the same interest with music and producing to support each other. Climbing the ladder of success is never an open road for anyone, but if you know how you will travel faster than other and survive the challenges of the music industry. Above all, never give up hope the love for music, the things that make you choose to be a music player from the beginning.

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