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Best Music Festivals In The World

Music is the most important type of art in the world since it brings a strong impact on our emotions such as mental conditions. Listening to music can change a person’s behaviors as well as mood. That’s the reason why this is considered one of the greatest inventions of human of all time.

There are so many types of music events such as fairs, workshops, and festivals all over the world. They attract hundreds to thousands of people each event. However, knowing which one is the best worldwide will be better for you if you are a person who loves attending to music festivals and travel a lot just like me.  Below are some interesting music festivals that are famous for its music and performances that you should know.

Music festivals

  1. Austin City Limits

This is one of the most well – known music festival in the USA which is held annually. The festival occurs on Sept 30 to October 2 every year. In 2016, there was a little change in the time, it was held on 7th to 9th October. If you want to attend this event, travel to Austin, Texas so as to feel the heat and the beats.

Many people will ask for the reasons why they should attend this music festival in October. Austin is considered the “live music capital of the world” because of the size and the quality of performances here. Every year, this festival attracts more than 200.000 people to come and enjoy the performances of more than 130 bands around the world. There are at least 8 stages in Zilker Park for bands and singers to perform within 3 days of the festival. There are so many shows and festivals in Austin, but ACL gains popularity among them. The schedule of ACL had to expand more till the weekend to satisfy all the audiences. In addition, people don’t have to worry about the climate since the dates have been moved to mid – autumn period so that the weather can be a lot cooler even in Texas.

Another reason why ACL is famous is that the bands and singers are very famous and their music is just amazing. Attending to this music festival, you can see live performances of celebrities such as Drake, Foo Fighters, Disclosure, The Weeknd and so on. If you want to enjoy the best music, this is definitely the place you want to go in October.

  1. Burning Man

If you want something more energetic and full of energy, you should look for a way to go to Burning Man music festival. It is held from 28th August to 5th September. Travel to Black Rock City in Nevada to join a different world of music.

Burning Man

Burning Man is not a music festival anymore. It has become a lifestyle of many people who are passionate about music. This music festival has been the signature beauty as well as a cultural spotlight in Black Rock City. In this event, steampunk music, as well as EDM tracks, is often played all the time. Sometimes, the DJs play impromptu performances.

Joining this music festival, you will be surprised by a new set of performers each year. In the previous year, people around the world have experienced the best music played by a famous set of performers including Major Lazer, Deadmau5, Diplo and more. Don’t miss this occasion if you want to dance and feel the real music in the last days of August.

  1. Exit

If you are in Europe, you don’t want to miss the Exit music festival, which is located in Novi Sad, Serbia. This event is held annually on July from 7th to 10th.

Interestingly, this music festival was known as a political movement of students who fought for democracy and peace. After a few years, this has become one of the most crucial music events in Europe. In addition, Exit consists of a wide range of music genres as well as outstanding vocals worldwide. Many people look forward to attending this music festival because of its unique offerings as well as affordable prices for the tickets and foods and drink there. If you really want to have a good time in Europe when traveling in July, come to Serbia and immerse in the world of music.

Famous Music festivals

Mentioning about the crews and the bands, we shouldn’t forget to mentions some famous names that regularly performed in the previous show in 2016 such as Ellie Goulding, Wiz Khalifa and so on.

  1. Fuji Rock

This is not about the concert; it is about the way you travel between stages! You might not think that there would be any types of Rock music festivals in a country like Japan, well, think again since you will miss out all the fun if you can’t come to Fuji Rock held from 22nd to 24th July.

If you want to be surrounded by Rock music with lots of Rock addicts like you, Mount Naeba in Japan is definitely your destination in July if you are currently living or traveling in this beautiful country. There is a fact that you should know about this music festival: cable cars are provided as the means of transport to travel from a stage to another.  Fuji Rock is famous for the size as well as the physical condition that one has to prepare before attending.

If you really want to enjoy Rock tracks played by Red Hot Chilli Peppers or James Blake, you definitely should pay for a ticket to the Japan’s largest music festival.

There are still hundreds of music festivals that you should go to at least once in your lifetime. However, these are the best at the moment according to many aspects such as the scale, the quality of performances as well as customer services. If you want to know how to book tickets and what to prepare, please visit our website and we’ll guide you from the beginning. The moment is yours so don’t be late!

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